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I would love for you to get to know Deby Hagan the Realtor and most importantly more about the Florida real estate market! Deby grew up in Chicago IL, in a family that invested in real estate from Las Vegas to the city and suburbs of Chicago. Deby helped manage her family's investment properties before becoming a real estate professional. Receiving a B.A in marketing and a minor in communications, Deby has used this education to help others in real estate. After getting married on Longboat Key Island in 1999, Deby quickly realized that Florida was going to be the place to call home! The lifestyle, the beautiful beaches and the friendly people was something she could not resist. Deby’s professional ethics and philosophy are based on her firm belief that the realtor's prime motivation should be based on service. Deby has expertise in handling complex real estate transactions. Deby has the professionalism of due diligence and a talent for negotiating. She is also able to serve her clients with outstanding service by getting the results that her clients desire. Deby's trademarks are attention to detail, putting clients' needs first, and making sure her clients are thrilled from the beginning to the end of their home buying or selling process. In her spare time, she spends time with her husband, 3 incredible children, and the sweetest English Cream Golden Retriever. On days off, you can find Deby swimming in the ocean, bike riding, spending time with her family, and finding charities to donate her time too. Deby also enjoys meeting new people and making new friends!


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Client Reviews

Don't just take my word for it, read my client reviews:

Yet ANOTHER awesome closing We had a deadline and a hard and fast amount needed to earn in this transaction. The market was cooling off, and fast. It was the off-season. The odds were stacked up against us. Just when we lost all hope, a satisfied customer recommended Deby. They said, if anyone can do it, ONLY SHE can and she DID NOT DISAPPOINT! The team she put together to take pictures, close virtually (via her preferred attorney) and other various people we needed to pull together was prompt, professional and crucial to make everything happen, and on time, to boot. I am ecstatic that we are finally closed. THANKS DEBY!!! Verified by RateMyAgent

- K Anderson (Seller)

Deby did a excellent job selling our house in naperville Deby is a expert negotiator and helped us get the best sales price with the perfect buyer. Verified by RateMyAgent

- Daniel Jasek (Seller)

Deby Hagan listed our home in June and the minute we listed she received an offer and then within 12 hours, she received 12 offers. Deby guided us to help us pick the buyer that gave us an offer that was well priced and that would be able to close on our home. It was a smooth transaction and Deby supported us all the way through. Deby was knowledgeable, efficient and diligent. Whenever we called Deby she would answer our calls and she reassured us with her knowledge and eased any concerns we had. We are so happy with Deby that we will recommend her to our friends and family! Verified by RateMyAgent

- Annie Burke Roeder (Seller)

Found our dream home! When we moved here from Chicago 2 1/2 years ago we didn’t think we’d be able to afford anything in the South Bay Area. Deby connected with us right away and kept sending properties our way. When we found so trying we liked, she was right on it. She helped us navigate our way through the whole process and made it so easy. Any questions were answered immediately and she was a great advocate for us as buyers. We got the place we wanted for a phenomenal price and she was right there with us every step of the way from viewing to living in. She even followed up after we’d been in the home for a week. We highly recommend her - you won’t be disappointed! Verified by RateMyAgent

- Karen Lytle and David Duberstein (Buyer)

Deby went above and beyond what I thought an agent does for their client.. I could not recommend anyone better than Deby to help find the perfect home. My house hunting process has been a roller coster ride with a lot of ups and downs but she never gave up and was on that journey with me the entire way. From finding me a variety of listings in my price range and with my preferences in mind, to being a tough and knowledgeable negotiator who knew her stuff. She always had my best interest in mind and was very reassuring when situations were not going my way and I was very doubtful I would find a home. For something as stressful as buying a home, I would not have been able to do it without her! I will forever be grateful Deby ! Verified by RateMyAgent

- Denise Calderon (Buyer)

Highly Recommended! As we all know, searching for a home to buy can be a real "pain in the....". Deby was a GREAT agent! She knows the market, she's timely, she's professional, courteous and just plain NICE. She will quickly tune in to what your priorities are and help to make the process a positive experience. No uninvited pressure. Her advice is pointed, practical and in the client's interest, while letting you still keep your vision of what you want. She follows your lead, is a true advocate for you, and delivers as an agent. Verified by RateMyAgent

- Broderick Franklin (Buyer)

Deby is an Amazing! realtor to work with We were not sure if we were indeed moving and kept her aware of our intentions but she went out of her way to take us on tours everytime we visited the City without every questioning when or if the move was happening. Not only was she patient but She does her due diligence and research about the nitty gritty details and completes all tasks needed to enable a smooth closing. She had the finest details lined up for me and also did my walk throughs and inspections with me on FaceTime. Communicative with all details at every juncture and transparent! She will not miss any detail of what one is getting into and will stand for You as if she is the buyer herself. I am pretty sure; she would come across as the Realtor of Choice for Buyers and Sellers alike. Verified by RateMyAgent

- Anagha (Buyer)

Highly likely to recommend I honestly thought all realtors were the same...However I now realize that selecting someone with the knowledge, skills and dedication to communication that Deby has is the $$only way$$ you can sleep soundly at night when you need to sell (or buy). She patiently showed me probably 50 properties and I nitpicked them all to death. I still regret not buying a property she helped me negotiate 5 years ago, the value has definitely increased tremendously! There was no pressure like I've felt with previous real estate agents (I'm always looking for a good deal which takes time, mistakes happen when big purchases are forced into too quickly). When it was time to sell--her constant communication and insight seemed so natural and intuitive. She expertly guided us through our first sale in the winter in Chicago! Several years later--when I needed to sell 2 more properties, I didn't call Deby because a co-owner exerted their power and influence on the decision. THAT WAS THE BIGGEST MISTAKE OF MY ENTIRE YEAR. I lost around $60k because I didn't list with Deby in the right season! I didn't fully appreciate that her marketing knack, fantastic connections and desire to close transactions on your behalf can make or break a real estate transaction. With the below-average, passive realtor I was stuck with--and no longer trusted--all I could do to get a sale was drop the price, or wait out our deal (I chose both and it still aggravates me). I now think a lot of realtors out there scrape by because a market is good or many people take good care of their houses, or sometimes don't care enough to get top dollar. We cared, the market wasn't great and our house was in good condition but in a unique situation. I was frustrated we were in a binding contract with someone who ^didn't care^ about our biggest investment, & something that could financially drown us if not handled correctly and realized that WHO your realtor is MATTERS- VERY MUCH. Thankfully, Deby got us an offer quickly and closed Verified by RateMyAgent

- Katie (Seller)

Deby helped us find our first home. From the beginning of the search process, she was very patient and quick to respond to all of our questions. She kept sending us new options every couple of days. It took less than 2 months to find the right place for us. She is experienced and very knowledgeable.

- Flavia Xpadrile (Buyer)

Deby Hagan helped me find & buy my 1st home. She was very patient & accommodating. She was really responsive & took care of any issues I had. Would recommend.

- Kevin Whitmire (Buyer)

Deby is absolutely wonderful to work with! She was enthusiastic from day 1 and really helped guide us thru this entire process. Very reliable and very responsive. I would definitely go back to Deby in the future for all my real estate needs!

- Sachin Shah

Deby was really great in helping us buy our first house. She was very patient and responsive. She was very accommodating and was kind enough to show us almost 30 houses in a span of a few weeks! We wanted to see what was on the market so we wouldn't have buyer's remorse and Deby was very supportive of that. She knew that this was our first house purchase and was very attentive in walking us through the process (there was a lot of hand holding, so-to-speak, that Deby had to do) and we're very grateful! I also wanted to call out how responsive she was and how responsible she was. We ran into a multiple bidder situation and she stayed up with us past 2AM to make sure that we got the documentations we needed to get the bid submitted. If we need to buy another property, we wouldn't hesitate to give her a call!

- Tina Bao

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